LADYSHIP is a new musical with Book, Music and Lyrics by Laura Good and Linda Good. It debuted in NYC as a NEXT LINK Grand Jury production at the New York Musical Festival 2019. It is currently being developed as a studio concept album to be released in 2024. LADYSHIP-High School Version debuted in 2023. 

LADYSHIP: Teenage Irish sisters Alice and Mary, convicted of petty crimes and sentenced to journey to an unknown land, are forced to make the treacherous crossing from London to Australia in 1789. Based on true events, LADYSHIP is the harrowing story of the 25,000 women who would become the “mothers of Australia”, whether they wanted to be or not. With a contemporary alternative pop score, the story of LADYSHIP is all too familiar, whether in the 18th century or now — when given no say in their lives or the world around them, women will always find their own voice.

Photos by Russ Rowland; Direction by Samantha Saltzman; Lighting by Sam Gordon; Costumes by Whitney Locher. For complete credits click here.

Awards: Finalist, 2020 Richard Rodgers Award for Musical Theatre.  LADYSHIP won 3 NYMF 2019 Festival Finalist awards: Outstanding Design, Maddie Shea Baldwin for Outstanding Lead Performer and Jennifer Blood for Outstanding Supporting Performer. 

LADYSHIP named one of "5 Shows That Stand Out at NYMF 2019" by Ken Davenport.

"LADYSHIP: A dynamic, original and thrilling musical...With an intriguing book and exceptional, gorgeous music."-- Theater Pizzazz

"LADYSHIP, a polished new musical...the book is clever and concise...,strong, beautiful music and an interesting story. Artistically and historically transportive." -- Blog Critics

"LADYSHIP could easily become a tribute to hope, resiliency, survival, and the power of female determination." --

"...sensitive direction by Samantha Saltzman. (An) uplifting ... affecting journey" --

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Works In Progress


It’s 1950 and in a small Indiana town, Mrs. John Randall (Cassandra) is labeled a scandalous woman.  After suffering years of abuse from her husband, she has an affair with the mayor and subsequently loses custody of her children.  With no income or support, she gets a job writing a romance column (The Burning Lily) under a pseudonym for a local paper. Determined to change custody laws so she can see her children, she gets swept up in fighting for women’s rights by day while writing cliched love stories by night. Inspired by the life and writings of 19th century novelist and social reformer Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton, The Burning Lily is a story about the many worlds women inhabit: as wife, mother, lover and activist and what happens when these worlds collide. 

01 Love Not_demo_The Burning Lily.mp3

"Love Not" from The Burning Lily  ©2020 Laura Good and Linda Good


Behavioral biologist Fiona knows falling in love with a co-worker is a gamble, one whose only payoff could be a broken heart and a bad job review. Late one night while studying experiments in the lab, she falls asleep and has a dream-induced realization that helps her observe how opposites alternately attract and repel each other, much like cats and dogs. Using music from the album “Love is a Curious Thing", dance, tango, poetry and narrative all ask the eternal question: Can we ever really know what love is?

02 A Dog is a Dog (edit)_demo_Love Is A Curious Thing.mp3

"A Dog Is A Dog" from Love Is A Curious Thing ©2020 Laura Good and Linda Good

NYC and ME

After finding out her boyfriend slept with her best friend, burned-out yoga teacher Morgan loses her cool in class and is fired. Fed up with chasing the dream of a peaceful life on the West Coast that was anything but nirvana, she leaves Portland to return home to her native New York City.  Along the way she meets a cast of characters, all hoping to re-discover who they really are, knowing the city won’t hold back from telling them the truth.

03 Love Letter NYC_demo_NYC and Me.mp3

"Love Letter - NYC" from NYC and Me ©2020 Laura Good and Linda Good


Norm and Margorie have been having dinner together once a week for the past eight years. When comfort zones become uncomfortable, who's to say what's normal or not? Norm Night is a one-act musical comedy about finding love later, rather than sooner.  


A 15-minute romantic musical comedy that asks, can you keep your heart open through a closed door? 


A 15-minute musical. Abby does puzzles to deal with stress and make sense out of life. Jon is a puzzlemaker's son who hates puzzles. What happens when you know there's something missing but are afraid to finally find it.