YOU SAY AH Modern cosmic pop. Quirky neighbors, holy visions and flirty aliens all happily co-exist in The Twig’s unusual universe on this 5-song EP. The album was recorded all over the world — from Sydney, Australia to Hollywood to New York City. Guest appearances include Joe Berardi & Marc Doten (00 Spy Car), Gerald Menke (Mercury Rev, Super Furry Animals), Daniel Carlson and Greg Collins (Gwen Stefani, Tracy Bonham). You Say Ah mixes distorted guitars with vintage keyboard lines and lucid mellotrons underlying The Twig’s intriguing tales of envy and ecstasy.

FLYING KITES a dreamy, lush pop song about Laura's first Christmas in Australia, tinsel-trimmed bikinis and beach included.

THE UNIVERSE TONIGHT Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Johnny K. The Twigs combine modern sounds with acoustic Beatle-esque influences. “Love, Love, Love (remix)” was featured in the film “Cruel Intentions 3”, and is a favorite on playlists.

BRING ME THE HEAD OF ETERNITY The Twigs’ critically acclaimed indie debut named “One of the best local releases of the year” by the Chicago Tribune.Recorded mostly at home in Chicago in their 16-track analog studio. “Hiding” had major radio airplay, and introduced the airwaves to the shimmering harmonies of The Twigs. “Home” was a fan favorite, and continues to be their most requested acoustic encore in live shows.

JUMP RIGHT IN The Twigs’ side project of 'cool pop-rock music for kids'. Jump Right In fits in with the ‘what kids of hipsters listen to’ music genre of They Might Be Giants and Justin Roberts. High praise from, as they proclaimed it one of “The Top 10 CDs that Won’t Drive Mom and Dad Insane.”

LOVE IS A CURIOUS THING Producer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Linda Good’s self-produced first solo record. Features the hit, "Love Is...", which was featured on the new 90210 (CW), and was in the Top 5 requested songs on KCRW.

LADYSHIP Demo excerpts of the new musical written by Laura Good and Linda Good

A Twigs collaboration with artist Daniel Carlson. "The Porpoise Song"