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“Timeless Poppedelica”  -- LA Weekly

(more) ...Their cover version of the Kink's song "All Day and All of the Night" won the Shure National Musical Roots Contest. The Twigs have performed around the world and have headlined live shows at top venues including House of Blues, Mercury Lounge (NYC), and The Hotel Café. 

Among their solo projects, Linda Good has toured as a keyboardist with Jane's Addiction, The Mars Volta and Lisa Marie Presley, in addition to composing for film/TV and producing records for other artists. The single “Love Is…” from her solo album, Love is a Curious Thing hit Top 5 on KCRW. Laura Good's solo projects include recording as alter-ego Lars Darvo, collaborations with baroque popster/video artist Daniel Carlson, and several commissions for choral works.

The sisters grew up playing any instrument put in front of them. After an early childhood living in Mexico City, they grew up in Chicago, the youngest of five daughters of an opera singing, single-mom schoolteacher. The twins went their separate ways in college, with Linda in the UK and Laura in Chicago. Oddly enough, it was only when the sisters were separated by an ocean that they started writing songs together. After trading song ideas across the Atlantic, they reunited in Chicago and formed The Twigs. The Twigs band started out in the Chicago alternative pop scene in the late 90’s. A move to the west coast in 2000 launched their careers together, and apart as musicians, producers and songwriters. Linda is currently based out of Los Angeles, and Laura is based out of Charlottesville, VA.

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What do you get when a set of twins grows up listening to their older sisters’ record collection of the Beatles, ELO, Neil Young, The Clash and the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar? The Twigs. The Twigs are twin sisters, songwriters and singers Linda and Laura Good, with Laura on guitars, vocals, ukulele, bass, keys and programming and Linda Good on piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, guitar, and vocals. Smart lyrics, ethereal vocal harmonies, crunchy guitars and dreamy piano lines mix with retro grooves to produce a sound uniquely their own.

THE TWIGS GREW UP…playing almost any instrument put in front of them. They spent the first four years of their life in Mexico, where locals considered them good luck charms and touched the white-haired twins’ heads for luck. Their earliest musical memories were of Mariachi street music and late 70′s radio bands like Bread. After moving to Chicago, Linda and Laura embraced an odd mix of American soul, pop, punk on an old acoustic guitar they bought with their babysitting money.

Being the youngest of five girls, the twins were both best friends and bitter enemies who used to physically fight over who got to play the piano after dinner. Laura recalls, “my older sisters would be upstairs blasting ‘Dark Side of The Moon,’ my mom would be singing opera in the kitchen and I would be in the basement playing Neil Young on my cello.” At 16, Linda received a talent scholarship to The Academy for The Performing Arts High School in Chicago. After high school, Linda headed to Wales to study music while Laura finished her music degree at Columbia College where she was mentored by the infamous jazz composer, William Russo. Oddly enough, it was only when the twins were separated by an ocean, that they started writing songs together.

After trading song idea tapes across the Atlantic, Linda played some of the resulting songs for a London producer who invited them to record at the BBC. The sisters then took the recordings back to Chicago and started their first band. To support the new venture, Linda played piano for theatre companies (like Second City) while Laura begrudgingly returned to her once hated part-time job: modeling. She hit the runways of Paris for a few seasons, made enough money to buy some recording equipment, and the girls became demo-ing maniacs. A few years and stylistic changes later, The Twigs were born, using a hated high-school nickname combined with sisterly musical spunk.

In the late 90’s The Twigs became darlings of the Chicago alternative pop scene headlining venues such as the House of Blues and Metro.  They toured extensively and after one too many midnight drives home from gigs through blinding Midwestern snowstorms the sisters felt it was time to head west. California had long held a mysterious grip on them since receiving the Beach Boys “Endless Summer” album for Christmas when they were 10 years old. Their dreams of endless sunshine (and no snow) were finally realized when they moved to the golden state in 2000. They quickly became a fixture in the local modern pop scene and made their mark as producers, songwriters and musicians working together and apart.  Linda toured with a wide range of acts including Jane’s Addiction and the Mars Volta;  Laura spent some time writing and performing in Australia with local artists before moving back to NYC.

The Twigs slowed down just enough for Linda to record a solo record Love is A Curious Thing in 2009, and still frequently collaborates with Joey Peters (Grant Lee Buffalo) as Lady Stardust, and James Combs as The Plush Interiors. Laura has a side project called Lars Darvo, and has a daughter who is featured on The Twigs' 'cool music for kids' CD, Jump Right In.  The Twigs are now based on both coasts (Los Angeles, CA and Charlottesville, VA), where they continue to thrive making music in their own signature style. 

Linda and Laura recently wrote the book, music and lyrics to a new original musical, LadyShip, which had its debut in NYC in July 2019. Click here for more info.

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WINNERS: Grand Prize in the 2001 Shure Musical Roots Contest for their version of the Kink’s “All  Day and All of The Night” (from their CD “The Universe Tonight.”)

RADIO: The Twigs have been featured artists on SIRIUS-XM Satellite Radio. Other radio plays include KCRW, WXRT, KXLU, Q101, WGRD, WLAY (Top 5 CMJ), KMNR, WWRM, WBCR, Pop Dreams – FRANCE, KDSU, WEFT, WCCR, WZRD, WLFM, WIIL, WWSP, and WNUR and many more...

ON STAGE: The Twigs perform as a duo or with a band and have played hundreds of shows all over the world. Highlights include Troubadour — LA, House of Blues & The Double Door — Chicago, The Bluebird Cafe — Nashville, Mercury Lounge & CBGB’s — NYC, Metro,Schuba’s, MCA — Chicago,   Melkweg — Amsterdam, SXSW — Austin, Wisc. & S.East Regions/NACA Conferences [4 time Showcase Headliners], The Fine Line — Minneapolis. Full list of performances is available upon request.